Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many centres does Humboldt Public School Childcare Centre (HPSCCC) operate and
what are their locations?
HPSCCC operates two sites and is currently working on a 3rd site

Site #1 Humboldt Public School Childcare Centre-located in Humboldt Public School. This site is
licensed for 56 spaces from 6 weeks old-12 years old. We run the before and after school
program and the summer school age program in HPS school. This site is open from 6am-6pm.

Site #2-Bright Starts Early Learning Centre-located in St. Augustine School. This site is licensed
for 46 spaces from 6 weeks old-12 years old. We run the before and after school program and
the summer school age program in St. Augustine school. This site is open from 7am-6pm.

Site #3- Explore & Discover Ealy Learning Centre- located at 113 14th Street.  This site is licensed for 40 spaces from 6 weeks to age 6.
We are currently renovating and hope to have this site open by early 2024. This site will be open
from 7am-6pm.

2) How does the waiting list work and how do put my child on it?
It is the same waitlist for all 3 sites. Spaces are filled by places on the list. Please email one of
the centres with your name, your child’s birthday, the date you want the spot for, your phone
number and if you have a site preference. We only contact people on the waitlist if you have a
space. Putting you name on the list does NOT guarantee a space. The waitlist is currently over 2
years long.

3) What are the fees for licensed childcare?
As of April 1, 2023, every licensed centre in the province is $217.50 for a Full-time space (180
hours a month) and $10 a day up to 9 days a month. After 9 days it becomes a full-time spot (if
one is available). Parents cannot switch back and forth each month. Children age 6 and up in
the licensed centre and the school age program pay full price for care.

4)What are the ages of the groups and ratios in licensed care?
Infants- 6 weeks to 18 months- One educator to three infants
Toddlers 18 months-30 months-One educator to five toddlers
Preschool 30 months-last day of kindergarten-One educator to ten preschoolers
School Age- Grade 1- 12 years of age- One educator to fifteen school agers

5) Do I need to pack my child meals & snacks?
All of our centres have a full time cook. We have 6 week rotating seasonal menus. We provide a
nutritious morning snack at 8:30, lunch at 11:30 and afternoon snack at 2:30. We serve milk in the
morning and for lunch. Water is served for afternoon snack. If you child has no allergies and can eat all
our food you will not need to pack anything. If your child has allergies or specific dietary concerns- food
will need to be sent from home. All our centres are nut free.