About Us

Humboldt Public School Child Care Centre Inc. is licensed and subsidized. We follow The Child Care Regulations, 2015 and The Child Care Act, 2014.

HPSCCC follows the guidelines of Play and Exploration as set out in the Early Learning Program Guide developed by the Ministry of Education- Early Learning and Child Care. This play based approach to Early Learning focuses on high-quality interactions between the Educators and the children.  It encourages strong relationship building between Educators, the children and family members.

Early Childhood Educators plan a variety of activities and programs based on the children's interests. They work to provide interactive activities that help children develop in all areas, including social, emotional, intellectual, creative, spiritual and physical.   Some activities may include: sensory, creative art, music, dramatic play, fine motor- puzzles, cooking, science, adventurous play, resource people and field trips.  The environments are created to engage and help develop the whole child in a safe, caring and educational atmosphere. When educators view children as competent and capable, the learning program becomes a place of wonder, excitement and joy for both the child and the educator. 

Our program includes daily outdoor play with regular field trips/ exploration adventures for our preschoolers and periodic field trips/ exploration adventures for our toddlers and infants. We believe outdoor play is an essential part to a child’s development. Outdoor play allows children to develop and practice skills in an environment where it is safe to take risks. You will find all our ages of children outdoors enjoying all weather, weather permitted! Please come dressed for all weather occasions!

We have partnerships with various places around the community. We provide two healthy snacks and a lunch daily following the Canada Food Guide.  We are a nut aware facilities.

HPSCCC offers a screening and monitoring program; Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) to all of our families. Our Centre has trained educators to perform and complete the ASQ. This screening and monitoring program is to help parents/ caregivers and educators at the centre understand the child’s strengths and determines whether a child may need some support in one or more areas of their development.

HPSCCC uses the Lillio app to communicate daily information to our families. Parents and guardians receive regular updates on their child's daily activities, including what they ate how they slept and activities that they participated in. Parents/guardians receive regular pictures and/or videos of their child participating in various activities in order to provide insight and knowledge of their child's experience at the centre. The Lillio app has a messaging system built into it that provides two-way communication for educators and parents/guardians, allowing for full communication regarding the child's experiences and development both at home and in the centre.

Documentation throughout the centre can be found in a variety of forms.  These may include: displays of photos and written descriptions of children’s learning experiences, picture collages, and Lillio.