Board of Directors

The Board of Governance Guiding Principles

a) The Board of Directors will demonstrate our commitment to early learning and child care excellence.

b) The Board of Directors assesses growth and sustainability within the institutions management, human resource and financial capacity.

c) Actively seek partnerships that reduce the risk and capital expenditures for the organization.

Board of Directors

The centre is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a minimum of 51% parents with children registered at the centre and the other 49% can be made up of people of interest. The Board is limited to no less than six members and no more than ten.  Staff members may not be board members even if they are parents.

Early Learning & Child Care Consultant’s Role

All child care centre’s and licensed child care homes receive the support of an Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Consultant. The role of an ELCC Consultant is to promote quality child care services and enforce The Child Care Act and The Child Care Regulations, 2014. These pieces of legislation set the standards for licensed care in Saskatchewan.

What does an ELCC Consultant do?

ELCC Consultants provide a variety of supports to your child’s centre or child care home.

Consultants support child care home providers, centre staff, directors, and boards of child care centre’s to implement best practices in the care and education of your child.

Consultants also:

  • Complete a license review annually to ensure that a basic standard of care is in place;
  • Conduct a minimum of two unscheduled monitoring visits per year to ensure licensing requirements are maintained;
  • Attend two board meetings per year for parent operated child care centres, and one parent advisory committee meeting and one board meeting per year at other centres;
  • Address non-compliance when observed or when reports are received;
  • Facilitate grants.

When should I contact the ELCC Consultant for my child care facility?

You may contact your ELCC Consultant for any question you have, or to share information about your child’s program. Some examples of when you may contact your ELCC Consultant include:

  • You would like to share strengths and successes you have observed about your child’s program.
  • You have a concern about the quality of care your child is receiving.
  • You would like further clarification about The Child Care Act and The Child Care Regulations, 2014
  • You have a question about the services offered by Saskatchewan’s early learning and child care program, or would like additional information.

The ELCC Consultant for HPSCCC is:

Becky Ell, ELCC Consultant
Ministry of Education

Early Years Brach
104-805 8th Avenue
Humboldt, SK
S0K 2A0

Phone: 306-682-6715
Fax: 306-682-6720