Summer Program


The following is a list of policies that have been adopted by Humboldt Public School Child Care Centre Summer School Program.  The Program has operations within Humboldt Public School.  These policies are being provided to you to ensure a smooth-running Program.  Policies may be changed or created to respond to situations that arise.  Parents are welcome to offer suggestions or recommend changes to policies!

This Program is run by Humboldt Public School Child Care Centre, HPSCCC is a non-profit corporation committed to providing high quality Child Care within a safe, caring and educational environment which values the cultural backgrounds of the families in Humboldt and the surrounding area.


All students between Grade 1 and 12 years of age are eligible for the Program.

All students using the Program must be registered by submitting the following:

  1. Registration and Information Form
  2. Child Release Information Form
  3. Permission and Consent Form

All forms MUST be completed and signed by parent before child will be eligible for Program.

Full-Time & Part Time Rates

  1. $445/month (180 hours Full Time)
  2. $255/Month (90 hours Part Time).


$5.75/hour/child (when space is available)

Hours of Operation

Supervised activities are provided during July & August.

Open 6:00am-6:00 pm
All children must be picked up BEFORE 6:00pm

Use of Program

Parents are to notify Program employees as far in advance as possible when their children will not be attending by filling out the monthly calendar. The Activity Leaders’ will carry a cell phone at all times and that phone number will be given to parents to call to notify if there will be any changes in attendance. The program cell phone is 306-231-5496. Full and Part-Time users must notify staff when their children will NOT be attending at least 1 day in advance.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents or designate MUST accompany their child/children into the Program base room.

HPS –common area by the gym

If the children are not in the designated base area, a location where they can be found will be posted on the room door.  Unless otherwise arranged in writing, students will only be allowed to leave the Program with their parents or designate.

Meals and things to bring

All children need to bring a healthy lunch and 1-2 snacks a day.

Please ensure your child has a LABELLED lunch kit, backpack, hat and a water bottle every day. 

Late Pick Up of Children

All children using the Program must be picked up by their parent/designate no later than 6:00pm.  Failure to do so will result in a $25 fee per child for the first 15 minutes past 6:00pm per child.  Parents will be charged $50 per child from 6:15-6:30pm.  After 6:30pm if the child is not been picked up, the issue becomes a child welfare concern and will be referred to the appropriate government agency.  In addition to the fee, if a parent/designate is later than 10 minutes, the emergency contact will be called and requested to pick up the child.

If a parent/ guardian is late 3 times in a calendar year this will result in termination of care from HPSCCC and all its locations.


Activities may include sports, art, games, movies, outings, and adventurous play depending on the mix of students using the Program and the time of day.  The Program will be interesting and stimulating.  For the children that need and prefer quiet time, this option will also be made available.  Activities in the summer program will sometimes be held in the gymnasium or outside, weather permitting. Please refer to the calendar for daily activities.


Bills will be issued to parents in the first day of the month following services by email.  Payment is to be made by the 15th.  Please address all cheques to Humboldt Public School Childcare Centre.  Post-dated cheques for full and part-time registrations are welcome.  We accept E-Transfers to

Any billing discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the Humboldt Public School Childcare Centre Director immediately after the bill is received.

Student Behaviour

HPS – Students will adhere to the code of behaviour specified by the Horizon School Division.  The Program supports the Above the Line Program endorsed by HPS and uses these guidelines for determining acceptable behaviour.

If discipline problems arise, the Activity Leaders and HPS Program Coordinator will work with the parents and child to devise a solution.  Humboldt Public School Childcare Centre will act as final arbitrators.

We are looking forward to having a safe and fun summer with the children!